Graduate Recruitment

3 Questions To Ask A Graduate Recruitment Video Company And Marketing Agency

The million-dollar question is usually not whether or not you need a graduate recruitment video, but who you get to produce it. Some companies are lucky enough to have an in-house film production team to create their videos, but this can be the exception rather than the rule. The choice usually comes down to hiring a s[...]
By Sue Coles on February 16, 2017

Student Recruitment Videos

7 Student Recruitment Video Ideas To Help You Attract More Graduates

There are plenty of different approaches you can take with a student recruitment video. Having seen hundreds produced by companies in many different industries, a lot are quite formulaic, while others are exciting, interactive or arty. Choosing the right strategic approach to student recruitment videos is about getting[...]
By Sue Coles on February 9, 2017

Student Recruitment Videos, Graduate Recruitment

How To Use Graduate Recruitment Videos To Attract The Best Talent For Your Company

A graduate recruitment video can be an invaluable ally when reaching out to find the next generation of talent for your company, or it can fall completely flat. The outcome largely hinges on how the videos are used. Most major graduate recruiters make use of recruitment videos these days. They have become an accepted p[...]
By Sue Coles on February 2, 2017

Graduate Recruitment

Get Creative With Your Graduate Attraction Strategies To Become The Number One Talent Recruiter In Your Industry

To compete effectively with your competitors for the cream of each year’s student cohort, you need a talent attraction strategy that lets you stand out from the crowd. Companies in the upper reaches of the Times Top 100 Graduate Recruiters List have two characteristics which, taken together, act as powerful keys to suc[...]
By Sue Coles on January 30, 2017

Conference Production, Working Our Magic

Have you already got enough on your hands?

We bring all our expertise and professionalism from our big conference events to your smaller meetings as well.
By indigoblue on August 7, 2015

Communication, Film Production, Marketing, Taking Your Message, Working Our Magic

10 Great Reasons for using video in your marketing!

In an age when everyone has something to say and a host of global communications channels they can use, you need to stand out, if you want to get customers to notice you.
By indigoblue on August 6, 2015

Communication, Conference, Conference Production, Top Tips

Was your conference worth it?

Whether you’ve attended a conference as a delegate or you’ve been involved in organising an event, one question must resonate more than any other:
By indigoblue on August 5, 2015

Film Production, Story, Storytelling, Taking Your Message, Working Our Magic

Why telling tales is good for your business!

Remember when you were younger and your parents advised you to never tell tales?   Well, there has never been a better time to ignore that advice!
By indigoblue on August 4, 2015

Film Production, Graduate Recruitment, Graduate strategy, Recruitment campaigns, Storytelling

How important is using video as part of your graduate recruitment strategy?

Our answer would be “Absolutely Vital”!  However, as we are a film production company I guess you would expect me to say that.  So, let me share some insights that demonstrate why you should use video if you want your audience to connect with you and your company.
By indigoblue on August 3, 2015

Audience engagement, Communication, Conference Production, Top Tips

Organising a company meeting? Try these tips...

One of the common issues we find with businesses trying to hold meetings and events is that they believe that they need to get the date and the venue right first, before they really clarify the message that they are trying to get across.  So, our advice is to take a moment and read the tips below:
By indigoblue on August 1, 2015

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